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In accordance with the Law n° 98-536 of July 1, 1998 covering the rules of intellectual property from the government directive of 96/9 CE dated March 11, 1996 in view to legal protection of databases, France Galop is the owner and generator of any databases existing on this website.
In using this website, you acknowledge that the information is legally protected, and conforming to the Law of 01/07/98 previously cited, it is forbidden to extract, re-use, store, reproduce, represent or maintain, directly or indirectly, in any medium, by any means and in any form, all or part of the contents of the databases on the site that you are accessing as well as for extraction or repeated re-use when these operations manifestly exceed the terms of use.

Data Privacy (CNIL)

Identity of the data processing manager and subcontractors

FRANCE GALOP agree to respect all the obligations included in updated French law no.78-17 of 6th January 1978, regarding data-processing, data files and individual liberties, as well as all applicable French and European legislation regarding this subject, namely Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27th April 2016, applicable as of 25th May 2018. To make a request to exercise their rights, the User should contact FRANCE GALOP by email at the address “” and/or by writing to the following address: FRANCE GALOP – 46, place Abel Gance – 92 655 Boulogne cedex (Hauts de Seine), FRANCE. FRANCE GALOP take all the necessary measures to ensure the protection and confidentiality of any personal information that they receive and/or process.

Any personal information about the User is subjected to data processing by FRANCE GALOP and by:

  • A subcontractor that hosts the website and processes the User’s personal information to enable the Website and its Services to function correctly.
  • A subcontractor that processes the User’s personal data to enable FRANCE GALOP to offer services and products that match the User’s interests (assuming that the User has signed up for specific services such as the newsletter and to receive commercial offers).

Legal bases and the purpose of data-processing

When the User accesses, visits and/or uses any of the Website’s Information and/or Services, FRANCE GALOP and its subcontractors automatically process the User’s personal data.

The legal grounds for automatically processing the User’s data when they browse the Website is based on FRANCE GALOP’s legitimate interests, and allow the User to access the present Website. The purpose of this processing is as follows:

  • To enable the User to access the different Services offered by the Website
  • To improve the Website’s content     
  • To draw up audience statistics
  • To enable the Website to function correctly

If the User has agreed to receive newsletters and commercial offers from FRANCE GALOP, the legal grounds for processing their data is based on the User authorising their data to be processed for this specific purpose. The purpose of this processing is as follows : to enable the User to sign up for specific services (newsletter, receipt of commercial offers) and to offer services and products that match the User’s interests. This authorisation can be withdrawn at any time, via the “unsubscribe” hypertext link displayed at the bottom of the aforementioned newsletters and commercial offers, or by writing to  FRANCE GALOP at the addresses given in the previous section.

Retention period

The data automatically collected when the User browses the Website is stored in the European Union, in a secure technical environment, for a duration of one (1) year after its collection. At the end of this period, the data is removed from all of FRANCE GALOP’s active databases and, if necessary, those of its subcontractors. If the User has agreed to receive newsletters and commercial offers from FRANCE GALOP, the data collected is stored in the European Union, in a secure technical environment, for a duration of three (3) years after the Account has been closed. This period is reset every time the User makes contact (signs in using their login codes and visits their personal account, clicks on a content hyperlink in an email from FRANCE GALOP, asks for information by email). At the end of this period, and if the User has failed to make contact, the data is removed from all of FRANCE GALOP’s active databases and, if necessary, those of its subcontractors.

Individual rights

The User is informed that FRANCE GALOP may be required to communicate the personal information collected via the services offered on the Website to administrative and legal authorities who are authorised to search for a person responsible for an offense, while strictly adhering to the statutory requirements. In accordance with current regulations, the User may oppose the processing of their personal information by exercising their right to oppose. To do this, the User must contact FRANCE GALOP at the addresses given in the first section. FRANCE GALOP will no longer process the User’s personal information, unless there is a legitimate or urgent reason to process this information which prevails over the User’s interests and rights and liberties, or, for ascertainment, to exercise or defend legal rights. The User understands that, by agreeing to receive commercial offers, they authorise their data to be stored by FRANCE GALOP, and be used for this purpose. They also understand that they have the right to oppose that their personal data be used for such an end. This right can be exercised by writing to FRANCE GALOP at the addresses given in the first section of this Information. The User may also read, change or delete the personal information supplied at any time (via “My account” > “Settings”) and thus exercise their right to access, rectify or delete this information in their user account or by writing to the addresses given in the first section of this Information. The User may exercise their right to data portability by writing to FRANCE GALOP at the addresses given in the first section of this Information. The only data covered by the data portability right is the data provided actively and consciously by the User, i.e. the information given to access the service offers on the Website, but also the data generated by the activity of the person concerned when using the Website. Without prejudice to any other administrative or legal recourse, the User has the right to make a complaint to the regulatory authority, particularly in the member State in which their habitual residence is located, their workplace or the place where the violation was committed, if they deem that the processing of their personal data constitutes a violation of their rights. In France, the authority that regulates personal data-processing is the CNIL. For more information about their rights, Users can visit the CNIL website:

Sharing of Information

Under no circumstances will France Galop share your personal information, except for the following reasons:

  • When you have agreed to share your information (for example for direct marketing),
  • Or, when we must share your information with suppliers, service providers and in particular our technical service providers, to help you to use the product or provide you with the service that you have requested.

Branding, logos and hyperlinks

All usage of branding and logos on this website is prohibited by France Galop. All hyperlinks used to link this website should be authorised by France Galop. All hyperlinks used on this website towards other websites on the Internet are not under the responsibility of France Galop.

Use of Information

Despite the care taken when publishing information, France Galop does not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions occurring on this website. France Galop cannot be held responsible for the interpretation of any information on this website, or the consequences from its use.

Betting is for fun, but be responsible

Since 1983, the PMU has been involved in promoting Responsible Betting. France Galop supports this programme, that underlines that gambling must be fun, but not become a problem. If necessary, you can contact SOS-Joueurs, a non-profit organisation that helps gamblers in case of difficulties as well as their families.

They can be reached on their website: or by telephone on 08 10 600 115 (cost of a local call).

Betting has risks: isolation, debt... Call 09 74 75 13 13 (no extra cost).

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